Update on Petition of Sabah Deniz Gulensoy: Temporary post-earthquake visas

Update on Petition of Sabah Deniz Gulensoy: Temporary post-earthquake visas

Auckland, 21/08/2023


We are pleased to provide an update on the petition presented to the New Zealand Parliament's Petitions Committee, advocating for support for earthquake survivors in Turkey. The presentation, held on 17th August 2023, highlighted the urgent need to extend assistance to those affected by the devastating earthquakes in February 2023.

The presentation was met with a positive reception, as committee members engaged in thoughtful discussions about the proposal's merits. The depth of their questions indicated a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the potential impact of the proposed Temporary and Open Work Visa.

Following our submission, the committee took additional steps to gather insights from the Manager of Immigration International and Humanitarian Policy Team in MBIE. This collaborative approach demonstrates the committee's dedication to thoroughly assess the proposal's viability and implications.

As the committee begins their assessment process, we eagerly await their decision. We anticipate hearing from the committee in the coming weeks, and we remain hopeful that this petition will contribute to providing vital support to earthquake survivors and their families.

A public recording of the petition presentation is available, offering transparency and accessibility to the wider public. We encourage interested parties to access the recording and stay informed about this important initiative. 

For further inquiries or interviews, please contact:

Mufid Ay
Secretary – Türkiye and New Zealand Cultural Society



Petition Committee Meeting:


Video Played for the Committee:


Slide-pack Presentation:

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