Life Coaching

Individual coaching and Well-Being coaching services:


Hello, I am Nalan Kirsch, I provide individual coaching and Well-Being coaching services. I have an International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Accredited Certified coaching title and I have been a professional coach for about 6 years.

Individual coaching allows you to work on the goals you want to achieve or the challenges you want to overcome and helps you get out of the situation you find yourself stuck in. It helps you create a road map for your new thoughts and projects and bring your ideas to life.

Working with an individual coach has positive effects on self-confidence, communication, productivity & performance and personal development.


Well-Being coaching approaches people holistically. Its aim is to improve the individual's general well-being and quality of life. If we think of our well-being as a home. If there are basic structural elements that make a house a home, the same basic elements must be good for a person to be good and live well. That's why Well-Being coaching looks at every element of your life.

Working with a Well-Being coach has positive effects on resilience, that is, being more resistant and flexible to changes, reducing stress & anxiety, communication, awareness, creativity and motivation.


As you know, stress and extreme anxiety have increased greatly in recent years. Among the reasons for this, we can list feeling alone and unsupported, business difficulties, competition, economic difficulties, difficulties brought by the information and social media age, climate change and finally the economic and social changes brought about by Covid and its aftermath.

It is impossible for a person not to be affected by this atmosphere.

By working with a professional coach, you can find solutions to your situation, increase your resilience, quality of life & general well-being, and start working on your thoughts for the future.


In 2023-24, I offer a total of 15 hours of pro bono, that is, volunteer coaching service to the Turkish community. You work on a first come, first served basis. Afterwards, those who want can benefit from my services with a 40% discount special for our society.